Exploring the Best Places to Stay in Canada’s Most Iconic Cities

Canada is a nation that boasts of diverse cultures, magnificent landscapes, and vibrant cities. From the towering skyline of Toronto to the rugged terrain of Calgary, Canada’s iconic cities offer something unique for everyone. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for adventure or a history buff seeking to learn about indigenous people and colonial settlers’ tales, Canada has it all. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best places to stay in Canada’s most iconic cities – Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa- so that your next Canadian vacation will be unforgettable! So let’s dive in!


Calgary is a vibrant and dynamic city that sits in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. With its stunning natural scenery, bustling downtown area, and numerous cultural attractions, Calgary has something for everyone.

One of the top places to stay in Calgary is Downtown. This neighborhood offers easy access to some of the city’s best restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. Plus, it’s only a short walk away from Prince’s Island Park – an oasis in the heart of downtown that provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

If you’re looking for more outdoor adventure, Banff National Park is a must-visit destination just an hour outside Calgary. Here you can explore breathtaking mountain vistas on hiking trails or take scenic drives through towering peaks.

Another must-see attraction in Calgary is Stampede Park which hosts one of North America’s largest rodeos every July as well as concerts during other times throughout the year.

When it comes to accommodations in Calgary, there are plenty of options ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts. So if you’re planning a trip to Canada soon don’t forget about adding this Western gem on your itinerary!


Vancouver is a beautiful coastal city located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and outdoor activities. There are plenty of places to stay in Vancouver catering to all types of travelers.

One option is the Downtown area which offers easy access to popular attractions such as Stanley Park and Granville Island. The West End neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a more laid-back atmosphere with tree-lined streets and quaint cafes.

For luxury seekers, there are several high-end hotels with spectacular views of the waterfront or mountains. On the other hand, budget-conscious travelers can opt for hostels or Airbnb rentals scattered throughout the city.

Regardless of where you choose to stay in Vancouver, there’s always something exciting happening around every corner. Take a stroll through Chinatown or Gastown and immerse yourself in local history and culture.

Don’t forget to catch an unforgettable sunset over English Bay Beach before heading back to your accommodation for some restful shut-eye!


Toronto is one of Canada’s most vibrant and diverse cities. This bustling metropolis offers travelers a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, whether you’re looking for luxury hotels or budget-friendly hostels.

If you’re seeking luxury accommodations in Toronto, consider staying at the Ritz-Carlton. This five-star hotel boasts stunning views of Lake Ontario and features top-notch amenities such as a full-service spa and Michelin-starred restaurant.

For those traveling on a budget, the HI-Toronto Hostel is an excellent option. Located in downtown Toronto, this hostel provides affordable rates without compromising comfort or cleanliness.

If you want to get a taste of local culture during your stay in Toronto, consider booking a room at The Drake Hotel. This boutique hotel showcases local art and music while providing guests with unique experiences like rooftop yoga classes and live concerts.

No matter where you choose to stay in Toronto, be sure to take advantage of everything this city has to offer – from visiting iconic landmarks like the CN Tower to exploring diverse neighborhoods such as Kensington Market.


Montreal is a fascinating city that offers a unique blend of European and North American culture. The city has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in art, history, or food.

One of the best places to stay in Montreal is the Old Port neighborhood. This area is home to some of the city’s oldest buildings and has a charming atmosphere with narrow streets and cobblestone sidewalks. You can also find many restaurants and cafes here serving up delicious French-inspired cuisine.

Another great neighborhood to explore in Montreal is Plateau Mont-Royal. This area is known for its colorful houses, trendy shops, and vibrant nightlife scene. It’s also home to many parks where you can enjoy outdoor activities like biking or picnicking.

If you’re interested in learning about Montreal’s history, be sure to visit the Notre-Dame Basilica located in Old Montreal. This stunning cathedral dates back to 1824 and features intricate stained glass windows and ornate decor.

For art enthusiasts, there are several museums worth visiting such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal which showcases contemporary works from local artists.

No matter what your interests may be, Montreal offers plenty of options for visitors looking for an unforgettable experience!


Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, is a historic and culturally rich port city located on Canada’s east coast. One of the best places to stay in Halifax is the Downtown area. This bustling neighborhood features trendy restaurants and shops that cater to a variety of tastes.

If you’re looking for something more laid-back, then consider staying in North End Halifax. This hipster community offers plenty of coffee shops and art galleries that will keep you entertained during your stay.

Another great place to visit while staying in Halifax is Peggy’s Cove. This picturesque village boasts beautiful lighthouses and stunning coastal views that will leave you breathless.

For those interested in history, don’t miss out on visiting The Citadel National Historic Site. Learn about the fortifications’ significance over time as well as its military role during World War I as it overlooks downtown Halifax.

Take some time to explore the Public Gardens which are considered one of Canada’s finest Victorian gardens with fountains, statues & walking paths showcasing an array of exotic plant species from around the world!


Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is a destination that offers visitors an endless array of things to see and do. The city has many hotels that cater to different budgets and preferences.

For those looking for luxury accommodations, Fairmont Chateau Laurier is undoubtedly the best choice. Its grandeur architecture and prime location make it one of the most sought-after places to stay in Ottawa.

If you are traveling with family or on a budget, then there are plenty of mid-range options such as Delta Hotels by Marriott Ottawa City Centre or Courtyard by Marriott Ottawa Downtown.

Moreover, if you’re looking for something more unique than traditional hotel stays, check out Andaz Ottawa Byward Market – A concept hotel designed around Canada’s rich cultural heritage.

Exploring these iconic Canadian cities will be incomplete without visiting their top-rated staying destinations. Each place offers its own charm and atmosphere where travelers can spend time comfortably while enjoying everything each city has to offer. So whether you’re into luxurious hotels or affordable accommodations with character and style – Canada’s got ya covered!